William Hill - "Fleur-de-Lis"
London. 20th Century
Famous Quotes

“If quick progress is to be made, the beginning must of necessity be slow. Any rushing at this stage means that the pupil will probably never play well.”

Herbert Kinsey (The Foundation of Violin Playing 1954)

"There is no instrument whose mastery at a later period presupposes such meticulous care and exactitude in the initial stages of study as does the violin.”

Leopold Auer (Violin Playing As I Teach It - 1921)

"Above all one should not give a beginner anything difficult to play before he can play easy things well.”

Leopold Mozart (Violin Playing 1756)

“I am forced to admit that by far the hardest part of a teacher's work is caused by faulty instruction in the preparatory stages.”

Joseph Joachim (Joachim & Moser Violin School 1905)

"A wise teacher will not attempt to rush a young pupil through half the literature of his instrument in a few short months or years, but will endeavour, as far as possible, to perfect each work as it is studied before embarking upon another.”

Rowsby Woof (Violin-playing 1920)

"The study of chromatics is too often neglected. Each note must stand out clearly lest the whole series be mistaken for some variety of caterwauling."

Leopold Auer (Violin Playing As I Teach It - 1921)

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