Book One
The pupil uses the second finger for the first time, a whole tone from the first finger. This opens up the possibility of many real tunes.

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Book Two
A typical duet for pupil and teacher with some notes about Handel and the Firework Music.

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Book Two
Another popular duet. Circus March is also included with a piano accomaniment in Second Book of Concert Pieces and Trinity Guidlhall Grade Two Sylabus.

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Book Two
Elementary chromatics are introduced before minor keys so as to prepare for the odd finger patterns of the harmonic scales.

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Book Three
Martelle bowing and other bowing techniques are introduced. This opens up a range of exciting possibilities of musical expression.

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Book Four
A wonderful Study in D minor by Wohlfahrt with a second violin part by Robert Trory. This uses 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions.

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Book Five
Book Five is a wonderful collection of important studies by Mazas, Kreutzer, Dont, Fiorillo and Rode with notes about these violinist/composers and the significance of the French School.

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